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Welcome to Tha Slump Zone Radio!!! Our vision is to

provide a high-quality platform for Raw and Uncut music to be heard and showcased on a worldwide basis. At Tha Slump Zone we do not discriminate against any genre, style, or preference of music because we value the art of music and embrace every aspect of it.


 Our dedicated show host promise to give you explosive shows through live streaming 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We are a diverse station that plays every genre music has to offer, which is why we have became the most sought after internet radio station throughout all 50 states and overseas.


 Artist should be fully aware that we are not a record label, therefore we do not pay artist to display their music, we air music for the sole purpose of artist exposure. We highly encourage all artist to register their music with ASCAP or BMI which are two major royalty distribution companies. We look forward to assisting all artists and producers in their journey to a successful career in the music industry. YOU are the future of music, SO LET THE SLUMPIN' COMMENCE!!!

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